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Are you aware that God has made the whole childbirth process very easy, pain free and free of complications? Please I advice that you learn from this interesting experience. After reading this story, you’ll deliver your baby supernaturally

I started practising as a nurse 7 years ago in an hospital that is owned by a church. Well, the hospital was opened mainly to take deliveries of pregnant women. In short it was more like a maternity.

There, we did things pretty differently from other health facilities. We were more focused on praying with our expectant mothers and building up their faith than, in giving them health talks which are actually helpful but do not guarantee the 100% safety of the mother and child during delivery.

We didn’t however, replace health talks with prayers but we made this women look more to God for help than self relying on healthy precautions which as I said earlier is also very essential but does not guarantee 100% safety during delivery.

We looked after them and examined them thoroughly and to God be the Glory, all our deliveries have been very successful, easy and without any complications nor infant mortalities right from the establishment of the health facility till date.

But sadly, in my case it wasn’t the same story.

Few years ago, I got pregnant. It was really a very exciting time for me until the day of my delivery. On that day, I woke up in the morning with a very very sharp pain. My husband took me straight to the same health facility where I work. On my arrival, I was rushed into the Delivery room. I thought it was going to happen just like it always did, instead everything went wrong.

I pushed and pushed and pushed yet the baby didn’t come out. Undermining the pain I felt, I gave it all my best shots yet the baby didn’t come out. So they decided to give me an assisted delivery where, they were going to use some forceps to help pull out the baby, yet nothing happened. I had begun to lose strength and feel very faint

So I was referred to another hospital where I was told that, I had developed some complications.

It was so bad that my tongue turned white and my veins collapsed.

I was rushed to the theatre and by the time I was opened up, my baby girl was dead . What happened was that I was bleeding profusely internally and somehow she sucked too much of the blood and died as a result. The battle then shifted to me, doctors had to do all they could to stabilize me because I was bleeding. I lost a huge amount of blood.

It was a battle for my life, given the amount of blood I lost. It was a thin line between life and death, but God took me across that line over to the side of life. I would have gone with her because till now, it is still a mystery to the doctors how I was able to make it. My question was this:

“why did I have to go through this when I had prayed and encouraged other pregnant women who ended up delivering safely? why did it happen? why was my case different?”

Indeed I am very grateful to God for saving me but, I really needed to understand why it didn’t work for me. I actually didn’t get any answer for about a year and 8 months, when, I had the privilege to meet with the founder of Oti stories who recommended a particular book on supernatural childbirth (name of book, with-held).

She was brought to our health facility to have her second baby and believe me she had the easiest, stress less and fastest delivery I had ever seen. I was forced to approach her and explain my questions and experience to her. After I was done, She looked at me, smiled and said….

” There is nothing wrong with you and God never failed you. You were praying for and speaking over other pregnant women because, that is the custom here, which is very great and also the reason why I chose your health facility. There is indeed a lot of faith in the atmosphere here. As a matter of fact the women who have delivered here believed in your prayers and proclamations, received it in their hearts, stayed on it with confidence and also trusted completely from within that because, you have said that they would deliver safely, that is how it was going to happen with them. But you were only doing what you had to do!

You may not have meant those proclamations within in a way that it applies to you too. You may had felt it okay to have little fears and worries within you concerning the obvious nature and health uncertainties that goes with child birth. You may have been saying “Everything would be alright in Jesus name!” to that woman whose baby is breached just to reassure her , while deep within you, you were not really sure from within or it didn’t really sink in within that the outcome could be very positive and that she would deliver normally and easily. But that woman took your words, meditated on it, held on to it and expelled fear from her heart with it.

In a nut shell…. let your expectations concerning every situation in your life start by speaking and also end up deeply rooted within you that if some one told you, that you would die through childbirth, it would sound very impossible in your ears.

Speak those words over your life every day and even when they have rooted within keep on speaking and declaring. Just as Life and death lies in your tongue….. Out of the heart lies the issues of life also. They work together.”

I was very grateful to her. Few weeks later I gave birth and indeed I understood how easy God had made the whole child birth process. I realised from the book she recommended to me that ”By the blood of Jesus, You have been set free from the curse that was placed on Eve. No more agony and pain in child birth. Believe you are free, speak and proclaim that you are free and hold on to it within… Glorryyy. Read the Next story: OPENED DOORS

Written by – Oti Stories

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