…continuation from part 2…  It wasn’t any of my concern but out of curiosity, I decided to go find out what the noise and chaos was about.

On getting to the front of the main building, I saw a lot of cars parked just in front of the house; about 50 of them. I saw my Master’s son lying dead and still surprised I saw My Master, his wife, his sister and the maids crying l on their knees begging one white-beard old man.

This old man looked very rich and powerful. Infact, he looked like a king. His clothes were very fine and expensive and he was accompanied by a lot of nice looking servants, followers etc.

Immediately I got there, one of his guards rushed to me. He said “here’s another one of them. Another bastard. You all will pay dearly for losing the only heir”

He dragged me to the floor and hit me hard. I looked to my master and I saw that he was looking straight at me with so much anger then he screamed out, “because of you I have lost my only son.”

Then he hit his sister from behind and they began to quarrel and fight. The old man didn’t do anything rather, he watched them keenly and after about 30 minutes, he told them to say what they had to say and that he was ready to kill all of them for not watching over his son and allowing him get hit by a car.

When my master’s sister heard that they’ll all be killed if they don’t say the truth about the his son’s whereabouts, she began to confess.

“…Sir please spare my life. What I told you was a lie.

Your son was never…. READ FINAL PART NOW