“…Sir please spare my life. What I told you was a lie.

Your son was never……..hit by a car. After you left your son with me to help you cater for him since his mother, your wife was no more, I thought you’d never return. So I sacked all your servants and asked my brother to come live with me.

He brought in his family with him and since your son was in no way related to us, we began to send him errands.

My brother had eyes for the money that you left for your son, so he warned me never to tell him the truth about his background. Out of jealousy he maltreated the boy severely. I had attempted to stop him but each time I tried to send him out or tell your son the truth, he would beat me up seriously and would threaten to kill my son. Everyone around fears and takes orders from him.

Most times, he forces me to be very cruel to your son just to prove that I am loyal to him. And if I don’t, he’d throw me out.

Please forgive me for bringing this devil of a brother to your house. Please spare my life…”

Just after the confession, this old man ran to me and hugged my sweaty, stinky and smelly body. For the first time in my life, I felt really loved and had a sense of belonging and acceptance.

I couldn’t just believe that all these while of intense suffering, I didn’t just have a father but a very rich father. I couldn’t stop crying after knowing that, I lived like a slave in my own house and that I had everything I wanted but couldn’t access them because, I was made to believe that I was an unwanted abandoned child.

This is how it is with Christians who do not know that God their father has brought them from darkness to light and has made them Kings (given authority) and priests (given power). They do not know that He has given them all they need both spiritually and physically, through their heritage in Christ Jesus. Because of their ignorance, they live at the mercy of Satan; the imposter and liar, who tells them that…. they are under a curse, that demons are powerful, that Christians can’t be rich, that faith works only for some Christians, that healing is not for every Christian or that one can not be healed every time, that you are disadvantaged, ugly, barren, unfruitful, average, disabled, a loser, that Christianity is difficult etc…..

Stop been a slave to the devil. Take your place and kick him out. The devil can only operate in darkness and can never operate in the life of anyone who is in the light of God. Christ has made a public show of the devil on the cross where He ripped him of his power and showed everyone how defeated the devil already is. And then, He exalted you far above the devil and every principality or power.

You were born again to live in your royal divine heritage and to dominate with authority and power, as kings and priests over everything. And that includes the devil.


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