A Life Transforming Story


I woke up with excruciating pains all over my body. It felt like 3 bags of rice had been kept on me for the whole day. As I worried about the pain, I suddenly got conscious of the environment I was in. I realized that I was lying on the hard concrete floor of my master’s pig house. So I got up to speak with anyone around who could possibly tell me how I got there and why my body ached severely.


I saw one of my Master’s maids by the well so I rushed toward her, leaping all the way to where she stood. As soon as she sighted me, she jumped with deep excitement. She kept shouting “you are alive!” after which she told me that I had been lying there for 2 days, after our Master had ordered his guards, to beat me up for waking up late. She said I couldn’t take all the beating, so I passed out and was left to lie there unconscious at the pig house.

On hearing her narration, I was moved into tears and I began to weep bitterly. I had spent 17 years of my life in severe torture from that cruel man.

Sometimes I was made to work very hard and then left without food, till the following day. Eventually, when I am given food to eat, I was often served either spoilt or over spiced food. In fact, I get to eat good food only in rare occasions when any of the maids could sneak some to me without having to get caught.

All my life I had been a slave. I don’t know where my parents or relatives are. The only day I summoned courage to ask my Master how I got to his house, he beat the hell out of me and starved me for 3 days. But he told me that he picked me up from street and that I was abandoned there by whoever had me, when I was 2 years old. He told me to be very grateful to him for saving me from the street where I would have died a long time ago.

Well, it would have been better for him to leave me on the streets rather that turning me into a slave. It’s better to die once and for all in the streets than to die everyday in a Mansion. My Master…. …lives in a mansion with a wife and a 10 year old son, a sister and her son who is 14 years old.

He is a very wealthy man and has all the good things of life. But there’s something strange about him, which is the source of his wealth.

Ever since I had known him, he has never gone to work, never taken any job and never done any business. He spends his time touring from one country to another and whenever he is around, he stays full time at home.

His wife is 10 times as cruel as he is. She never lays her hands on anything. She has a maid for everything. His son and nephew are spoilt brats while is sister is a 100 times wicked to me than he is.

I was still standing by the dirty well, where only we the servants, were made to drink from, while his animals get full access to tap water.

Several times, I had attempted to run away but somehow, the police always finds me and returns me back to him.

After a while of standing beside that well still thinking of what to do, I decided to commit suicide. I considered it the best option because, I was very tired of living, and could no longer take the torture anymore.

Just then, I heard a very loud sound from the gate. It sounded like a horn or maybe a trumpet, and then the entire environment was filled with serious noise. I heard the sound of cars, I could hear screams and shouts, I could hear broken glasses and door bangs.  It wasn’t any of my concern but out of curiosity, I decided to go find out what the noise and chaos was about.

On getting to the front of the main building, I saw a lot of cars parked just in front of the house; about 50 of them. I saw my Master’s son lying dead and still surprised I saw My Master, his wife, his sister and the maids crying l on their knees begging one white-beard old man.

This old man looked very rich and powerful. Infact, he looked like a king. His clothes were very fine and expensive and he was accompanied by a lot of nice looking servants, followers etc.

Immediately I got there, one of his guards rushed to me. He said “here’s another one of them. Another bastard. You all will pay dearly for losing the only heir”

He dragged me to the floor and hit me hard. I looked to my master and I saw that he was looking straight at me with so much anger then he screamed out, “because of you I have lost my only son.”

Then he hit his sister from behind and they began to quarrel and fight. The old man didn’t do anything rather, he watched them keenly and after about 30 minutes, he told them to say what they had to say and that he was ready to kill all of them for not watching over his son and allowing him get hit by a car.

When my master’s sister heard that they’ll all be killed if they don’t say the truth about the his son’s whereabouts, she began to confess.

“…Sir please spare my life. What I told you was a lie.

Your son was never…. ….hit by a car. After you left your son with me to help you cater for him since his mother, your wife was no more, I thought you’d never return. So I sacked all your servants and asked my brother to come live with me.

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