He said No! I was very surprised at this reply because we all felt nothing was impossible with him. As though he saw the surprised look on my face, he went on to add that my brother’s wife was the main problem.


But he told me that there was a way out because from what he could see, she prays a lot for her husband, herself and the children but she never prays for her marriage and so if we could destroy the marriage she would no longer pray for him making it easy for us to strike him. I didn’t even hesitate to agree to  that. In 2 weeks there was a very serious disagreement between my brother and his wife over the school they should send one of their child to.  The disagreement was so serious that my brother had to call a family meeting between members of our family and that of his wife’s while his wife temporarily moved out to her parent’s house to avoid domestic violence.

While all these happened, I and the witch doctor were busy working out our next plan. He advised me to end it once and for all. He said that the disagreement would soon sensitize the wife to start praying for her marriage and they’ll be back together in no time. He said once they come back together anything we may have done could be reversed  and the repercussion would be very serious on me. So he suggested that we did something that would be impossible to reverse. I totally got the point he was trying to make so I gladly agreed to it and in 3 days time my brother died of ordinary headache.

3months later, he was buried. Immediately he was laid to rest, I smiled and said to myself  ”I have arrived!”. The next day I traveled to Delta state with a few thugs. I threw my brother’s family out of the house and demanded for everything he had. Afterwards, I settled the native doctor who had helped me with a huge sum and I never cared about the welfare of my brother’s wife and children. I felt  had taken what was duly mine so, we moved into his new building at the village. Life was sweet until 5years later, when the unexpected happened….. READ THE FINAL PART