Then one  day the perfect idea crossed my mind. So I went to the most powerful witch doctor in the village to the the charm for me. This one really cost me a lot of money that I had to borrow a fraction of the money from someone with the promise to pay back in 3 folds .


There, I was told the reason why my previous charms to make him lose his job did not work. It was because of his wife. His wife is a very strong christian and a prayerful one at that. He also told me that it was because of this woman’s prayers that things worked very well for my brother. And then he went on to reveal to me the very cause of my down fall…. Here’s the story:

When I was 9 years old, I had a dream and in that dream, I saw that my junior brother was on a throne and I was bowing down before him. When I woke up, I was very  unhappy and scared so  I went to one of my late aunt who used to perform magic. I told her my dream. She looked at me for a while and told me that my junior brother was going to be far greater than me. On hearing that I broke down into tears and begged her seriously to help me. Then she gave me 2 options. She said I had the option to make I and my brother equal or make him very poor while I become very rich in future.
Well, I didn’t hesitate  to pick option 2 at all. After that, she tied a stone with a rope and hung it on a tree in front of her compound. Then she told me that if that stone ever falls the charm would reverse immediately and that, our original destinies would be restored

Well, I never believed in what she did. To me I felt she only did that to pacify me and stop me from crying. I think after about a week I completely forgot all about the dream till this particular witch doctor reminded me of it.

He told me that the charm actually worked and that it was because of that charm my brother refused to join me in my business.  It was because of the charm that he found it difficult to get a job and when he did it was still because of that charm that only his salary in the entire company was delayed for several months, several times.

Then he revealed to me that it was his wife’s prayers that destroyed the charm. And that caused my sudden downfall though physically it seemed as if it was because I were greedy and jealous of my brother. It was then I understood why I hated my brother so much, why I made that promise not to ever help him and why I never did. In fact everything was purely a spiritual remote from that charm of my late aunty.

After I realized all these truths, I wanted to confess all to my brother but on the other hand I still wasn’t happy that he was doing better than me at that time.  I was really jealous and felt exactly the way I felt when I had that dream at 9years old so, I went to the witch doctor again. This time I told him that I wanted a  permanent swap of destinies between me and and my brother. He laughed and told me the most shocking thing of my life….  READ PART 4