I am Emeka Zuka from Eastern Nigeria. I was amazed at the confession my father made 2 months ago. Though I wasn’t present, it was recorded for me by one of my siblings. I know he is my dad but I want to also tell the world how wicked some people  can be. At the end of his confession he said we should tell as many people as we can so that others can be careful and for his conscience to be free that he has duly paid for the evil that he did.


Here goes his confession:
I am Mr. Zuka. and my evil has gotten hold of me. 25 years ago my father called I and my junior and only brother to his room and blessed us both after which we both traveled to make the most out of life. He went to Delta State while I went to Lagos state.

Before we traveled, I discussed my plans with him. I told him that, I wanted to go into business and since we were traveling to different states, I suggested to him that we join heads together to set up the business so that I could manage it at Lagos State while he managed it at Delta State and from there we could spread to other states. But he refused. He said he was not interested and that he’d prefer to get a job.

I was furious at his decision and I promised not to remember him once I made it.

Well , on my arrival to Lagos I immediately set up my business and within the space of 2 years, things began to go on well for me. My business was going fine that I got married in no time .

All those while I didn’t bother to contact my brother or ask of his well fare. I was still very angry that he decided to look for a job rather than go into business like I did.

On 2 different occasions he wrote to me asking for money complaining that his salary had been delayed for some months but I deliberately did not respond. I just wanted him  to do what I wanted. I felt he was too stubborn as a junior brother and I was set to keep my promise of never going to assist  him financially. Things went on like that for some years until one Xmas holiday. My eyes couldn’t believe what I saw……

My brother came home with 2 very expensive cars and a very pretty lady. She was his fiance and with her kind of beauty only a rich man could marry her. Anyways it was just so obvious that my brother had become successful and that made me very envious.


I don’t know what was really wrong with me but I know I had this terrible bitterness and anger towards my brother and on seeing that he had become successful I was full of envy. Because of my pride and also because of the way I had ignored him in the past years I didn’t bring myself low to dine with him. In short, I avoided him and always flaunted my achievement at the slightest opportunity I had. To me, he was as go as a no body. In my opinion, any one could lose his job and once that happens the person  is finish because a wealth built from a job is no wealth but just ordinary savings.

After, some good number of years, things began to go from bad to worse.  I had to sell all I had  and then moved permanently to the house I had in the village.  My business crashed and after settling some debts I found myself zero level. I was as empty as the d I had left for Lagos except for the house my wife and 2 kids.

What led to my business failure was the innate drive within me to always be more successful than my brother to prove to him that business was the best. So, in the bid to expand my business to bring more profits, I fell into the hands of fraudsters. I was seriously duped. I borrowed a  very huge sum of money from the bank and that was the reason I had to sell all I had.

During the years I was in the village, my brother became more and more wealthy. I heard he was getting alot of promotions and salary upgrades at work. Maybe he felt he had arrived and had gotten so much money for him to build a very gigantic building here in the village.  The building was 6 times better than mine and it had all the modern facilities one could have.

After he completed the building he locked it and left without assisting me financially. He never even visited me all the while he was at the village to monitor the builders. So I became very furious and full of hatred towards him. Then I started to do charms to bring him down. I went from one witch doctor to another seeking for harms so that he would be sacked from work but the more I did charms, the more he excelled.

Then one  day the perfect idea crossed my mind….


Then one  day the perfect idea crossed my mind. So I went to the most powerful witch doctor in the village to the the charm for me. This one really cost me a lot of money that I had to borrow a fraction of the money from someone with the promise to pay back in 3 folds .


There, I was told the reason why my previous charms to make him lose his job did not work. It was because of his wife. His wife is a very strong christian and a prayerful one at that. He also told me that it was because of this woman’s prayers that things worked very well for my brother. And then he went on to reveal to me the very cause of my down fall…. Here’s the story:

When I was 9 years old, I had a dream and in that dream, I saw that my junior brother was on a throne and I was bowing down before him. When I woke up, I was very  unhappy and scared so  I went to one of my late aunt who used to perform magic. I told her my dream. She looked at me for a while and told me that my junior brother was going to be far greater than me. On hearing that I broke down into tears and begged her seriously to help me. Then she gave me 2 options. She said I had the option to make I and my brother equal or make him very poor while I become very rich in future.
Well, I didn’t hesitate  to pick option 2 at all. After that, she tied a stone with a rope and hung it on a tree in front of her compound. Then she told me that if that stone ever falls the charm would reverse immediately and that, our original destinies would be restored

Well, I never believed in what she did. To me I felt she only did that to pacify me and stop me from crying. I think after about a week I completely forgot all about the dream till this particular witch doctor reminded me of it.

He told me that the charm actually worked and that it was because of that charm my brother refused to join me in my business.  It was because of the charm that he found it difficult to get a job and when he did it was still because of that charm that only his salary in the entire company was delayed for several months, several times.

Then he revealed to me that it was his wife’s prayers that destroyed the charm. And that caused my sudden downfall though physically it seemed as if it was because I were greedy and jealous of my brother. It was then I understood why I hated my brother so much, why I made that promise not to ever help him and why I never did. In fact everything was purely a spiritual remote from that charm of my late aunty.

After I realized all these truths, I wanted to confess all to my brother but on the other hand I still wasn’t happy that he was doing better than me at that time.  I was really jealous and felt exactly the way I felt when I had that dream at 9years old so, I went to the witch doctor again. This time I told him that I wanted a  permanent swap of destinies between me and and my brother. He laughed and told me the most shocking thing of my life….  

He said No! I was very surprised at this reply because we all felt nothing was impossible with him. As though he saw the surprised look on my face, he went on to add that my brother’s wife was the main problem.


But he told me that there was a way out because from what he could see, she prays a lot for her husband, herself and the children but she never prays for her marriage and so if we could destroy the marriage she would no longer pray for him making it easy for us to strike him. I didn’t even hesitate to agree to  that. In 2 weeks there was a very serious disagreement between my brother and his wife over the school they should send one of their child to.  The disagreement was so serious that my brother had to call a family meeting between members of our family and that of his wife’s while his wife temporarily moved out to her parent’s house to avoid domestic violence.

While all these happened, I and the witch doctor were busy working out our next plan. He advised me to end it once and for all. He said that the disagreement would soon sensitize the wife to start praying for her marriage and they’ll be back together in no time. He said once they come back together anything we may have done could be reversed  and the repercussion would be very serious on me. So he suggested that we did something that would be impossible to reverse. I totally got the point he was trying to make so I gladly agreed to it and in 3 days time my brother died of ordinary headache.

3months later, he was buried. Immediately he was laid to rest, I smiled and said to myself  ”I have arrived!”. The next day I traveled to Delta state with a few thugs. I threw my brother’s family out of the house and demanded for everything he had. Afterwards, I settled the native doctor who had helped me with a huge sum and I never cared about the welfare of my brother’s wife and children. I felt  had taken what was duly mine so, we moved into his new building at the village. Life was sweet until 5years later, when the unexpected happened….. 


One morning my gate man told me that the most powerful witch doctor died mysteriously the previous night.  On hearing that I felt immediately like I had been stripped off my clothes. In short, I felt very naked and helpless. Later that day we heard that he was seen the previous day running from place to place in fear   and was found dead on a path way  the next morning.


It occurred three  months ago and 2 days later, I  asked some of my relatives to look for my brother’s wife. My intention was not to return what I had taken but to tell her that I knew she is behind the witch doctors death and the whip that flogs me every evening.
It started the day after the witch doctor died. I was taking my bath in the evening when I suddenly felt a whip on my back and a voice accompanied it saying ”Return everything or die” and  since then, that whip comes on me every evening. Well, undermining the pain I go through everyday as a result of those strange and invisible whips, I am not still ready to let go of every thing I had forcefully possessed because t me, what is mine is mine. Unfortunately for me my relatives whom I sent to look for my brother’s wife, could not find her. They told me that they dropped a message with her relatives to tell her to come and undo what she had done to me.

It’s been 3 months now  and she has not shown up. I am really tired of the whips though I am still not willing to return everything I had taken but I have no option so that I can have peace. Now that she has refused to show up  I have decided to confess and to tell the world how wicked I have been perhaps, it would make the whips stop. To all who reads or listens to my confessions, please forgive me on behalf of my late brother and his wife. Please….”

While I listened to the confession, I was very surprised because all these years we never knew what was going on. I can remember that my father always told us that his junior brother hates him and that he was very wicked. Even when we claimed possession of his properties my father told us that his junior brother had willed them to him. He may be my father but I feel he deserves his current fate. Well, I also beg on his behalf that we all forgive him on behalf of his late brother and his wife. so that he could be set free from the whips and this great suffering.
Thank you. THE END 
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