One morning my gate man told me that the most powerful witch doctor died mysteriously the previous night.  On hearing that I felt immediately like I had been stripped off my clothes. In short, I felt very naked and helpless. Later that day we heard that he was seen the previous day running from place to place in fear   and was found dead on a path way  the next morning.


It occurred three  months ago and 2 days later, I  asked some of my relatives to look for my brother’s wife. My intention was not to return what I had taken but to tell her that I knew she is behind the witch doctors death and the whip that flogs me every evening.
It started the day after the witch doctor died. I was taking my bath in the evening when I suddenly felt a whip on my back and a voice accompanied it saying ”Return everything or die” and  since then, that whip comes on me every evening. Well, undermining the pain I go through everyday as a result of those strange and invisible whips, I am not still ready to let go of every thing I had forcefully possessed because t me, what is mine is mine. Unfortunately for me my relatives whom I sent to look for my brother’s wife, could not find her. They told me that they dropped a message with her relatives to tell her to come and undo what she had done to me.

It’s been 3 months now  and she has not shown up. I am really tired of the whips though I am still not willing to return everything I had taken but I have no option so that I can have peace. Now that she has refused to show up  I have decided to confess and to tell the world how wicked I have been perhaps, it would make the whips stop. To all who reads or listens to my confessions, please forgive me on behalf of my late brother and his wife. Please….”

While I listened to the confession, I was very surprised because all these years we never knew what was going on. I can remember that my father always told us that his junior brother hates him and that he was very wicked. Even when we claimed possession of his properties my father told us that his junior brother had willed them to him. He may be my father but I feel he deserves his current fate. Well, I also beg on his behalf that we all forgive him on behalf of his late brother and his wife. so that he could be set free from the whips and this great suffering.
Thank you. THE END 
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