…continued from PART 3 Work resumed by 8am and Brenda hadn’t showed up yet. At around 10 am we saw someone like Brenda running in. She was all sweaty and panting all the way.

Everyone hailed me for having a sensitive spirit. Some called “Spiro” others called me “prophetess”. It was obvious that something had gone wrong with Brenda. Well, what ever it was, I didn’t expect to see her alive. In short, I was highly disappointed.

I was so cold towards her. I heard her tell other colleagues that she had come late because of a traffic jam and that she had to trek a far distance in other to meet up. She also said that her phone had generated a fault over the weekend and was currently with a phone repairer which made her line unavailable.

I wasn’t my self through out that day. So the next Saturday, I paid her another visit.

This time I opened up to her. I told her everything and begged for her forgiveness. This was what she told me:

“I am not aware of all you have been doing against me but what I said is the truth not a show off. I belong to the Supreme Class.

In the society we have 3rd class, 2nd class and 1st class but there is a more superior class but only few people operate there. In that class we don’t get anything by merit because we are far above the systems of the society. We are not limited to our pay check. We don’t work for money rather money comes to us. We can buy and fix anything without paying for it. Yes it sounds impossible and that is the reason why only few people operate at this class.

Our currency is FAITH and our authority is exercised through praying fervently in tongues and constant confession of what we want to see happen or given to us.

Now I am not talking about becoming a Christian. I am actually talking about…. READ FINAL PART NOW