…continued from PART 2   I tried to poison her twice. The first time, I got food from an eatery, placed the poison inside and gave it to her at the office. She ate the food but after about 5 minutes she threw up.

I wasn’t there but she told me the next day that the food I got from the eatery had a nasty taste and that it made her throw up. She advices me not to get anything from that eatery for her again.

So the next time I used a bottle of drink. I made home made juice from my house and took some to her one particular Saturday.

She drank it and after waiting for about 10 minutes to ensure that she didn’t throw up, I left. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait till Monday to get the “good news” of her death.

That morning I rushed to work very early. I was so sure that she may had died in her house unnoticed so I began to tell my colleagues at work that had I sensed something wrong had happened to Brenda and that they should call to confirm her wellbeing.

Out of curiosity they called and Boom! her lines were switched off. There was chaos everywhere as they started to enquire if anyone knew where she lived. One of them said she knows I visit Brenda often but I denied it. I told her that we only meet in eateries and special locations. READ PART 4 NOW