HOW WE ROLL final part

…continued from PART 4 …authority and Knowing your identity in Jesus. You might be a Christian but may not be a part of the Supreme class.

In this Supreme class our lips always move even in public because we are always praying in tongues and commanding power. I know you have noticed it and when you asked about it I told you I was thinking. It wasn’t a lie. I was translating what was in my mind into reality through constant and consistent praying in tongues.

We are always charged and we are always in control. We determine what and what happens and they are established.

I had job hunted for 5 years and it was in those years I discovered this Supreme Class when someone invited me to MouldBreak Port Harcourt. I listened to Moyo Akin -Ojo’s message, Reigner Davies, Jesse Duplantis, Arome Adah, etc (men who are already operating in this class) and it occurred to me that this Supreme class is opened for every one. Infact they were all told by God to teach us how to operate in this Supreme Class.

I listened to them everyday praying in tongues and not for any day did I go to bed hungry. Food always came and whenever I needed money I always had it.

When I heard of the vacancy here for a secretary, I knew I was not qualified so I intensified prayers and kept speaking God’s Word on His will to prosper. A day before the interview, I came to the premises and spoke unusual favor into the atmosphere and that favor is not over. I know I’d be the managing director next to the CEO soon.

So you see, poison cannot kill me and I cannot die by accident. Everything works for my good.

I repeat that you may be a Christian and still not belong to this Supreme class” … she concluded.

That day she led me to Christ. I searched for MouldBreak, Reigner Davies, Moyo Akin – ojo, Arome Adah on Facebook and got some of their messages.

Today, I own a very big company that grew into millions of dollars 2 years after I started it up. This Supreme Class is real and this is HOW WE ROLL!  THE END!!! READ THE NEXT STORY “Keep and Lose”

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