GRACE final part

….if the relationship gets too long I may end up losing my virginity and if that happens GOD WOULD BE ANGRY WITH ME and my marriage would never be a happy one, if, we ever got married.

After these considerations, I made up my mind that Emmanuel was not from God. I didn’t even bother praying about it. In fact, I did all that to him just so he’d lose interest in me and it was for real.

I was woken up this morning by a phone call from one of my university friends and she said to me after asking how I was faring and all… “Emmanuel is getting married today….. I thought you’d be the bride! What happened? You guys were so close before he left school. All these years I felt you two were in courtship….”


I asked her how she knew he was getting married and then she told me that she found out on his Facebook wall and that she’d forward his pre-wedding photos to me. That she did and it was true. When I saw the pictures I got angry. I wasn’t really angry that he was getting married but I was  because of who he was getting married to.

He was getting married to one useless prostitute who used to live in the room next to mine back in school. It even made me more jealous. “He should have waited!” I murmured. “So he forgot about a stainless lady like me and went for this trash!”


Oh no…I had just lost a really great guy. My feelings for him had always been there but I was too proud to reach out to him again. I felt that, if he was actually mine, he’d come to me again!

I went back to view the pictures my friend had sent me via Facebook and then I noticed what she had written underneath the pictures ….

“ His bride to be is now a Christian. She’s a very popular minister of God now. Signs and wonders follow her everywhere she goes. While Emmanuel was appointed a commissioner in his state few months ago”

I immediately began to weep and weep. I was really hurt. As I scrolled through my Facebook timeline in depression that morning unable to get up from my bed, I stumbled on a little write up that said….

“The swift or  strong never always win. It’s good to work but it’s best to believe and rely on grace even as you work. .

GRACE IS WHEN SOMEONE  PAYS THE PRICE FOR YOU TO HAVE EVERYTHING. But if you do not know or believe it you’d end up trying to pay for everything by yourself which is impossible to do! THAT PERSON IT FOR EVERYTHING BECAUSE HE SAW THAT YOU COULD NEVER AFFORD IT. 


I was trying to pay for what God has already given me as a Christian, constraining myself with unnecessary rules and principles, when that prostitute who just got saved came and acquired it all without stress.

It’s good to have moral values but they’d never take you where grace can take you! THE END

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