continuation from Part 2  “My dear, I know I was wrong. I was greedy and wanted all for my kids. I was jealous that you were his son from another woman. I was also scared that if you knew who you were, you’d throw me and my children out of the house and out of everything someday….. But I have something to tell you…

You are like your father and you have his blood in you. You carry his successful nature in you that was why you succeeded despite the less privileged and unfortunate situations. You were able to make excellence out of a good for nothing security department when you thought the company wasn’t yours and that it was just an opportunity to be part of it. Now that you know that these companies are actually yours and that you are in authority and have no limits to what you can do, I am sure that you’d turn them into a global wonder despite their current state.

Please forgive me. It’s time for the Full Expression of who you are and what you have inside of you” she concluded

I took over the companies and invested all my money in them. Today, they are globally recognized and known all over the world for their success.

Before now you thought you were managing the small opportunities you were able to get in life and trying just to make the best out of them just for survival but I am here to tell you that the whole earth is yours….

Your father has endowed you and given you the authority to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue the earth.

Be very conscious of this and freely express what God has put inside of you knowing that success is guaranteed ALWAYS.


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