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This story reveals what God wants you to do in other to cause a sudden total change and positive turn around in your life. Read this story and watch your life move from 0% to 100% for life. I await your testimony…

She is His daughter and He loves her so much. He wants the best for her so had taken His time to carefully and lavishly prepare the best for her.

She had a fat bank account that she’d never be able to exhaust, in her entire lifetime. Because He sought for a way to prove is matchless undying love from her, He went to do more than she could imagine. Yet, all He had done wasn’t up to half His love for her.

As I was still admiring His display of His love on her, I saw coming forward. I watched as she walked down the aisle to the altar. But then I noticed that she was looking very sad and that her eyes were filled with tears. At first, I thought it were tears of joy, but then I noticed that pain was all over her face and countenance. So, I became more curious to know what kind of prayers she was to render. I didn’t ever expect that she was going to ever wear such countenance in life, after all she’s got.

I moved closer to her and paid full attention to what she was going to say. Surprisingly, I couldn’t believe my ears. She said:

“Dear God, why have you forsaken me in life. I have been your child for 20 years now. Yet, I do not have job, I am poor, and at my age I still in my father’s house. There’s no suitor and no child.. why? why me? It is as though you have abandoned me Lord”

On hearing this, I became very confused. I couldn’t believe my ears and It was very shocking to me. I kept how and why this woman was living a life different from the life she is supposed to live. Just then, I heard a voice say to me: “SHE NEEDS FIRE, WE DESIRE FIRE”. After that, I was shown her address and was told to locate her. I was also told that the moment I find her, I would know exactly what to say to her. After that, I gained consciousness on planet earth. It felt as though I had just woken up and it was a very bright morning. Then I found myself on the way to her house. On arriving the address, I found her mowing her lawn. I walked up to her, introduced myself to her and began to speak to her. I can’t remember what exactly I said to her but I can remember that we exchanged contacts afterwards.

Then, 2 weeks later, I saw walking the isle again. As I stared at her, I wondered what she had come to pray about this time. Even though she was looking very sad, I also noticed that her dress had changed from rags, to a beautifully embroidered gold gown. I went closer to her like I did the other time so I would be able to hear what she was going to pray about. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given that privilege. She appeared mute to me while her lips kept moving. As I stood there wondering what I exactly I had told her that had made her dress change from rags to a beautiful and radiant gown, I heard a loud voice say to me:”LOOK CLOSELY!”. Then right before me saw this lady on earth, digging out, searching out and jotting down scriptures on God’s Love, the benefits of the sacrifice of Jesus and God’s Prosperity. Then shortly after, she began to pace her room, as she continually kept confessing and reciting in the name of Jesus,

the scriptures she had written down. As she continued doing this, I began to notice that her environment which looked cold, dry and deserted, had started to warm up like winter suddenly transitioning to spring. As soon as the transition had completed, I also noticed that she appeared to be encapsulated inside a huge bubble. Inside the bubble seemed alot brighter that the external surroundings of the bubble. From what I saw, I only understood that something had been activated. Apart from that, I didn’t really understand anything that was happening around her at that time.

A week later, I saw her again. This time, she wore a very beautiful gown. Despite the fact that she was still looking sad, I could obviously see that she was wearing a smile. I also was unable to hear what she was praying about but I was shown her state on earth again. On earth, I saw her pacing her room with the book where she had written down those scriptures. This time, I noticed that she was no longer reading out those scriptures. Rather, she had turned them into declarations. It was as if the words had gotten into her on the inside and that she was only using them by bringing them out from within her. Again, I also noticed that the bubble she was in, had gotten bigger and brighter. As I kept gazing at her, heard a voice say to me:

“God’s Will is expressed in His Love and God’s Love is expressed in His Will. She has recognized God’s Love and have begun to enter the Will of God”. Then, I woke up.

I couldn’t’ wait to see for myself. So, I gave her a call immediately and she was so happy to hear from me. I asked her about her well-being. Then, she replied that she had been experiencing great changes in her life after my last visit to her house. She also said that she had been applying that I had told her and that she believes I am God-sent. After that, we went off the call.

I still couldn’t remember all what I had told her. But, I already understood that I was been made to walk through and watch her life for a reason, most especially at this time. With this understanding, I became more patient to know the outcome. So, I allowed things flow.

About a month later, I saw her again approaching the aisle to pray. This time, she looked very peaceful, joyful, radiant and beautiful. I knew what next would follow, so i kept calm.

Not long after, I was shown her in her bedroom on earth. This time she had become a flame of fire inside the bubble. Even though she was burning in flames, she didn’t seem hurt or burnt. When I looked closely, I observed that she was praying in tongues. I also observed that the more she prayed, the more the fire blazed. This made me unable to see her form inside the bubble. All i could see was a blazing fire pacing the room. suddenly, I heard a voice say, “WATCH!!!!”. So i fixed my eyes on her. Shortly after, I began to see star-like creatures moving very fast inside the bubble. They moved faster than the speed of light. But somehow, I was made to see them very clearly. It seemed as if they were slowed down for my sake. I saw them going out of the bubble like flames of fire and returning with gems. They were moving in different ways and directions.

Then the same voice said to me: “not only is she generating power as she prays in the Holyspirit, she’s also engaging her angels to carry out their assignments with great speed and power”. Then the voice said to me again, “LOOK CLOSELY!”.

immediately, I saw tunnels or channels appearing inside the bubble.These channels were so large that I wondered how they were able to fit in inside the bubble and yet retain their original sizes. Just then, something shocking and amazing happened. She began to enter into this tunnels, one after the other. She’d go into one and then after a while enter into another one. I also observed that every new tunnel she enters has a better look than the previous one. It was such an amazing sight.

Suddenly, everything disappeared in a twinkle of an eye. All of a sudden, all I could see was a simple lady that was wearing a normal earth dress, praying in her bedroom.

Then the voice said to me, “That’s how ordinary, ones spiritual activities can look in the physical. But in the spiritual, a whole lot is actually going on. The tunnels you saw represents new levels of victory, anointing, revelations, insights, prophecies, etc. Every level has different dimensions and experiences. The more she prays, the faster she’d move from one level (tunnel or dimension) to another”.

Then, I asked, “what about those treasures she has and you have made for her? How is she going to get them all?”

Then the voice replied, “ They are all with her. They are all in the word of God. As she enforces them by doing what she’s currently, she’d begin to see them manifest”

On hearing that, it dawned on me that the treasures, blessings and great expressions of God’s love that I had seen earlier, were not actually peculiar to this lady. It is for EVERYONE! It was so exciting to know that all that made me admire this lady and had made me think that she must be so special, is also for ME. I was greatly overwhelmed with great joy. I kept saying out loud, “ Wow… So I am just as loved as she is and I have just as much as she has..!!!!”

Then my eyes fell on her again, but this time, not in the earth realm. I saw her dancing, rejoicing and worshiping gracefully on that same aisle.

Then the voice said to me, “ every time she’s about to move from one tunnel to another, great joy fills her up. The more she expresses this joy by rejoicing and giving thanks, the faster she leaves that tunnel to the new one and it makes it easier for her to enter the new one.

In other words, as you attain a new level of victory, joy overwhelms you. Giving thanks and worshiping, catalyses your speed to another level.

Then I asked:

“is there any end to the levels (tunnels)? Can they ever be exhausted? would there always be more?

Then the voice replied me,

“The tunnels are inexhaustible. You could also skip tunnels too just the way you get a double promotion.

Me: How?

The Voice: By giving (sowing your seeds) and praying in the Holyspirit. Your gifts/seeds makes way for you.

The next day, I decided to pay her a visit. I was so eager to see if there were any changes in her life. On getting there, I met an empty house. I inquired from her neighbors and I was told that she had moved out with her family. I was also told that she had gotten a political appointment in one of the biggest and richest states in the country. I tried her phone number but it didn’t go through. So I sent her a text.

Later that evening, I got a very long text from her. it went thus…

“Thank you so much for all you said to me. It’s been only two months since I met you and my life has completely changed. I have moved my parents to a better house and I now live on my own in a self bought house. I miraculously got a political appointment with a fat salary. I only sent a proposal for a contract. Not only was it approved in billions, I was also given a political appointment.

I was told that the felt I had the capacity to handle that area of the state. I would also be getting married next year. There is so much more happening around me. It just feels like I have begun to live a new life. People often tell me that I am glowing. I experience high favor everywhere. Doors are opening everywhere for me. In short, nothing opposes. The dead feeling I used to have, has totally disappeared. I currently feel as though I have been raised to life. But, I still get this strange feeling that there’s more in store for me.”

Suddenly, I finally had a flash back to what I had told her. All these while, I found it very hard to remember but at that moment, it all came to me very clearly. This was exactly what I had told her that day that sparked up the great change in her life:

“Madam, all you are looking for is already with you and they are all in God’s Word. God has blessed you beyond your imagination but the problem is that, the environment is just too cold. You are indeed a child of God but you have only been living a religious life (going to church, working in church etc… which is very very good). You are not turning up the temperature, God’s Word, God’s Will and God’s promises to manifest. Please turn up the temperature by pulling out what you want from God’s Word, giving thanks and praying in the Holy Spirit”.

Written by – Oti Stories

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