She was loyal to me, and took me as her husband’s biological mother because she never knew of my bad intentions. She didn’t stand her ground as a married woman and I took advantage of that. I always suggested things for her to do in her home like been very stubborn, standing her ground even if it meant her quarrelling with her husband. But I never saw the results I was looking for so I asked her if she’d been following my instructions and she told me she wanted a peaceful home and wasn’t comfortable anytime they had any misunderstanding and that she’s fine with paying sacrifices just to maintain peace.

I told her that she was a fool and that misunderstandings are time she could even be committed to God and that during the period her husband rejects her food she could use that period to fast and pray and grow her spiritual life.

But it seemed that she wasn’t really as young and immature as I thought. Looks can be really deceiving. This girl stopped visiting me and rarely took my calls after that day.

I didn’t give up at all, so I started drawing close to her husband. I started acting like a mother and started influencing her husband. I started ruling her home through her husband just to torment her because I knew every woman wants to be in charge of affairs in her home. Well I succeeded in taking that from her. Each time I wanted her husband to do anything I usually cried on the phone as I spoke with him and It always worked.  But this girl never quarrelled with me. She was calm towards me even though I was causing issues in her marriage. Every time I visited them, she was very nice to me. Well I wasn’t moved by that. I patiently waited for the day she would explode and decide to leave the marriage.

This went on for about 2 years and then one night I had a dream.

“….I saw her praying seriously. She was decreeing the Word over her husband. She was decreeing that her husband cleaves to her only. She was praying against external influence of whatsoever kind and submitted the affairs of her home only to God….”

When I woke up I laughed. I said I am not evil. I am a Christian at least I just saw a revelation, so nothing will happen to me.

2 days later I ran into a disagreement with my husband. It was so terrible that the following day he threw me out of the house and warned me not to ever come back.

I called her husband and told explained what his father did to me and how he threw me out just because I didn’t wash the toilet when he asked me to.

But to my surprise he warned me not to ever call him again and hung up on me.

Till today my husband has not called for reconciliation. I’m back to square one. My business has failed and I live at the mercy of my siblings to feed. THE END   

Let this be the portion of your enemies in disguise and unfriendly friends In Jesus Name…

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