Do you desire to Speak in Tongues?

This is a guide that I have put together with the help of the Holy Spirit, to make your desire to speak in tongues come true.

This audio book is recommended for all whether you speak in tongues or not, because you'd also get to find out HOW SPEAKING TONGUES CAN IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

Please,  it is very necessary  that you listen sequentially from Part 1 to Part 5 (A total of 1hr 49min)

Part 1 – Advantages of Speaking in Tongues


Part 2 – Everything you need to know about Speaking in Tongues (summarized)


Part 3 – Answers to frequently asked questions and myths concerning Speaking in Tongues


Part 4 – Is God selective on how He gives the  gift of speaking in tongues?


Part 5 – Begin to Speak in tongues

(Please,  ensure that you have gone through Part 1 to Part 4 before listening to this part.) DOWNLOAD
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