He asked me to process all our daughter’s papers so she could come over. He emphasized that,  their seeing his biological daughter and how big she had grown without a father, would also facilitate his release from prison. Well, one would think I’d jump at that and immediately do what he asked me to do without giving it a second thought. However, that was the first time I lost interest in waiting for him. I went to a pastor who had prayed for me sometime back to explain the situation to him. He laughed and warned me not to send the girl adding that I was going to regret it if I did.


On the other hand my daughter had been getting it real hot from  bullies at her school. Students from her school call her ”wasted sperm”, ”bastard”, ”wedlock” and some other irritating names. They shun her every time saying she’s fatherless.

Well, it started when they had a Father’s day treat at school. The school made it very compulsory that every dad, no matter who you were or where you lived to attend or else the child would be asked to leave the school. When my daughter came home to tell me of the news and the threat, I told her to tell them that her dad is in prison and wouldn’t make it. I guess she gave it a thought and felt that they’d  laugh at her if she said that her dad is in prison so she decided to tell them at school that she had no dad. She thought that would be the best but it earned her a lot of bullying. When she eventually told me that she wanted to leave the school, I refused. My reason was that, there was no other school as good as hers. In fact, it took me lots of trouble and so much efforts to get her into that school. Been one of the most popular and leading schools in Nigeria, I kept encouraging her to ignore the bullies and concentrate on the reason she was there: her books and that with time, she’ll overcome.

At last, I made up my mind to inform her of her dad’s request. And when I did, she jumped with joy at the idea. She didn’t even feel sad that she’d have to leave me. I guess at that time, having a father like all her friends was all that meant to her.
She was so joyful and on seeing how excited and willing she was to go, I decided to consent to her dad’s request. I consoled myself with the thought that once David is freed he’d definitely return home with my daughter.

So, I processed all her paper’s and sent her off.
After she left, you wouldn’t believe that I didn’t hear from neither David nor my daughter for 6 months. I almost ran mad. It was then I remembered the warning of that pastor who prayed for me. So, I gathered courage and went to him again. This time he advised me not to panic but pray more. He also rebuked me for not yielding to his warnings. After that, he prayed with me and I went home.

On the evening of that same day,I decided to go through my e-mail when I suddenly saw the most devastating mail in my entire life. The mail was from my daughter with pictures of her with swollen eyes and lips and below the pictures she explained all that had happened since she arrived. It read thus ……. READ THE FINAL PART