He had to leave for the UK because a few hours ago,  he was duped of all the money he had and so he needed to join his elder brother over there to start afresh. In short, THERE WAS NO MONEY!


Well, I liked the idea of his traveling abroad because, he said he planned to come back after a year, do the wedding and take us with him. So, we dropped all the wedding preparations and began to sell some of our properties to raise money for his trip and his new business.

He traveled to the UK 6 months later and after that, I never heard from him again until about 4 months after when he called.
On the call, he told me that he had been in prison for forged papers but, he assured me that his brother was taking good care of the issue and that he would be out soon. And then he began to call more often but, after about 6 months I didn’t hear from him again. The silence lasted for about 3 years and then he suddenly called. That day,  he called to beg me for my forgiveness. He said I should forgive him for the long silence and for not keeping to the initial plan. He also pleaded for my prayers so that he could be freed and that all the efforts to get him out of prison had not turned out well. He also lamented about how his absence may have been affecting our daughter and how he wished he was here to watch her grow, etc…

Because of the way he sounded genuine, I decided to forgive him. This time I became more prayerful, moving from one pastor to another. Sadly, I didn’t hear from David again after that call. Well, I felt he wasn’t calling because of the whole prison situation and that it was just an indication for me to pray more.

On the other hand, other men were coming to ask for my hand in marriage but, they all wanted me to do away with the child I had with David. And that, I was unwilling to do. I loved her so much that I didn’t even consider leaving her with my mom or any one else. I was so attached to her. In short, we went everywhere and did everything together. I just could not drop my only long time companion with someone, just like that because I wanted to marry a man. Besides I trusted David. I was sure he would return some day. I was determined to wait for him and not betray his trust at least for the child’s sake.

Then one faithful afternoon the very year my daughter turned 10, David called making a very unusual and frightening request. He…. READ PART 4