My name is Evelyn and I am 46 of age. 15years ago, I met this decent, handsome, God fearing man in church. That day, He was sat next to me. All through the service, I kept wishing and praying that God would give me a man like this as a husband. By mere looking at him, you could tell that he had all any woman would ask for. He appeared so gentle, stern and kind. Our first communication was prompted when the pastor asked us to say something to our neighbor. But he jokingly said the direct opposite of what the pastor asked us to say. We both laughed about it then, he helped me pick up my bible. Also, at the end  of the service, he commended my dressing and asked for my phone number. That was how we started to communicate constantly, though as ordinary friends.

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My dream finally came true! 14months later, he proposed. I was so grateful to God because I had discovered during the course of our friendship that any woman whom this man marries would live a ”heaven on earth” kind of life. In short, he was just perfect. He could even cook and his hobbies were clothes washing and dish washing. Aside that he also loved sweeping.

I thought I had seen it all until we started courting. He was a great giver, a forgiver and a sincere lover of God. All the time we were friends till our friendship transitioned to courtship, I had never visited him neither did he ever visit me. We always had to meet somewhere. Most times in a restaurant.

Three months into our courtship, we decided to do our Introduction so that we could begin plans for the wedding. After about 6 weeks later, the introduction was done. By God’s grace it went perfectly well.

One day, I thought to myself, ”why has this man refused to show me where he lived? Is there something he is hiding? How can I marry a man whose residence I do not know?”

So, I began my research. I finally succeeded in tracing his house address and then made up my mind to pay him a surprise visit. Well, it didn’t matter to me how his reactions would be because I felt within me that I was doing the right thing. Come to think of it- ”what if he was married or already had a kid?” ”NO ONE CAN BE COMPLETELY TRUSTED”

That faithful Saturday afternoon, I was at David’s door post. As expected, he was very surprised to see me. He didn’t even want to let me in at first but after about 10 mins, he allowed me in under the condition that I wouldn’t stay long.  To that, I agreed but, in pretense….

When I eventually stepped into his living room, I couldn’t believe what I saw! In fact I was dazed by… In short, I was dazed by the furnishings of the house. He lived in an expensively decked apartment. I just couldn’t figure out the reason behind his not letting him visit because there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Then 10 minutes into my visit, things went wrong. He just started touching me. I screamed! I couldn’t believe he could do such a thing. He was way too matured and moral for that. We wrestled a little and  then he  finally raped me.


I left immediately, crying all the way home. About an hour after I reached my house, I got a text from him and it read….

 This is the reason why I do not allow female visitors to my house. I have a very low self control when I am alone with a lady especially, in my house. I love you so much… Please forgive me

Well, I didn’t reply him until about 2 months later. I was really angry and had made up my mind to call the wedding off because there’s no way in life that he would never be alone with a woman. To me, a man with such a terrible weakness could rape my friends, sisters or even my mother then!

A month after the incident, I noticed that I didn’t have my monthly visitor. Again, the month after that, I noticed the same thing so, I went for a pregnancy test. That was when I had a sudden rethink about calling -off the wedding. I called him and told him I had forgiven him and broke the news about my pregnancy. After a long but sad discussion, we reached a decision that I would go live with him till I deliver so that he could support me through out the period of the pregnancy after all, we had done our introduction and would be getting married soon. We also decided to do the wedding after I had delivered the baby because I didn’t want a wedding picture with big belly. To, me it was too shameful.

Finally, the baby came. We were both very happy to have her. We had started to put things in place for the wedding again, when David came home in tears with  very red eyes as though he had been crying for a good number of hours….. Then, after about some minutes of silence, he finally broke the news….. He had to leave for the UK because a few hours ago,  he was duped of all the money he had and so he needed to join his elder brother over there to start afresh. In short, THERE WAS NO MONEY!


Well, I liked the idea of his traveling abroad because, he said he planned to come back after a year, do the wedding and take us with him. So, we dropped all the wedding preparations and began to sell some of our properties to raise money for his trip and his new business.

He traveled to the UK 6 months later and after that, I never heard from him again until about 4 months after when he called.
On the call, he told me that he had been in prison for forged papers but, he assured me that his brother was taking good care of the issue and that he would be out soon. And then he began to call more often but, after about 6 months I didn’t hear from him again. The silence lasted for about 3 years and then he suddenly called. That day,  he called to beg me for my forgiveness. He said I should forgive him for the long silence and for not keeping to the initial plan. He also pleaded for my prayers so that he could be freed and that all the efforts to get him out of prison had not turned out well. He also lamented about how his absence may have been affecting our daughter and how he wished he was here to watch her grow, etc…