”Mummyyyyyyyy…. I have been trying to reach you. I want to come home. Please come and get me. I can’t stay here anylonger.
This woman beats me everyday. She’s daddy’s wife. and they have 2 kids. I don’t go to school and she makes me do all the house work. She keeps saying she’d kill me. Daddy is not like her. 


He treats me well.  He brought me here with the consent of this aunty so that I could enjoy but he didn’t know she’d change like this. I guess her real intention for allowing daddy bring me here is to have a maid. He doesn’t allow me handle phones because he doesn’t want you to find out that he’s been lying to you. He married as soon as he got here in other to become a citizen. He couldn’t bring himself to tell you because it’ll break your heart. Daddy told me he had plans to return but he later changed his mind. He said he’d settle you financially. Daddy is scared to tell you the truth. 

Mummyyyy….This woman may actually kill me someday. Those were the photos of today  when she beat me blue back just because I didn’t feed her dog ontime…. 

Mummy there’s a lot to tell you but I  sneaked daddy’s old system to do this. For now, no one is aware that I have an email address. Please do not tell daddy about this mail whenever he calls you. I’d be in real soup”

Readers, she sent that mail a month before I read it and till now I have neither heard from her nor her dad. In fact, that was the first and only mail she has sent till this very moment and, I do not know what to. In short, I cry all day always flashing back to the day I pushed that child in the labor room. It really pains me today that she lives with that liar who cannot do anything about his daughter  been maltreated. Currently, I have no knowledge  of her well being.

What if they found out that she sent a mail to me?
 What have they done to her?


Please I have just narrated my story to you. I beg you, do not only entertain yourself, please try to pick out the lessons and be wise. THE END!


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