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Stanley was a very wealthy young man who married to Susan. He had a high paying job in a very good company but 2 year after the his wedding things changed for him. He lost his job and was unable to secure a another job for 3 years. His wife became the bread winner of the home for those 3 years and when she saw that there was no improvement in her husband’s financial situation she decided to leave him.


On the day she left Stanley felt like the entire world had ended up for him. He travelled to his hometown with the last money he had to live with his father. When his father hear all that had happened to him he was pained and began to think of what to do to help his son. 6 months later, he gave his son some money and told him son to go back to the city. On the day the son was to travel back, he handed over a little art work to him and told him to please keep it no matter what. His son didn’t understand but he promised his father that he would keep it as a way of appreciating him for his support and help.

When Stanley got to the city, he began to hawk bread with the little money his father had given him. He had no place to stay so he slept on the street. When ever he goes out in the morning to sell bread, in 3 hours everything on his tray would be bought. This happened no matter how many bread he went out with to sell. It was as if something was calling people to his bread.

In one week he was able to raise money to rent a house. He was still on his bread selling and after a month he made so much money to start a mini bakery….

His breakers grew with speed and turned into a big factory of bread in just one year. His bread sold everyone even when the quality is low, when it is bad and when it is good. He just became the most preferred.

After about a year and 3 months he decided to travel to his hometown to show his father how wealthy he had become just to discover that his father had died 3 weeks after he left for the city. He felt very pained that the only person who believed in him didn’t live to see him succeed.

After burying his father, he left to the city…

He grew in wealth. He never struggled or strived or hustled. Whatever he did just prospered without him having to think on it. Then 5 years later something strange happened.

He began to lose everything but just before then he had a dream. In that dream his father appeared to him and told him that he had broken the covenant by burning the little art work. He also revealed that he had used himself as a sacrifice so that he (the son) could become rich. But the symbol of that blood sacrifice was the art work which had been burnt.

Stanley woke up and then began to search for the little art woke round his entire mansion but he couldn’t find it. That was when he remembered that he had patronized professional cleaners to clean up is house 4 days ago. He also remembered that they had burnt all the waste and rubbish before the left.

That was how Stanley began to retrogress gradually. Nothing he did worked any more. People just hated everything about him and finally he became a beggar again.

As this movie ended it dawned on me that money responds to blood and that it is an error to suffer when Jesus (the best, perfect and most lasting sacrifice) was sacrificed for me.

I realized that because I am a partakes if this sacrifice I am supposed to experience speed and outstanding progress in all I do. I imagined people running to me to buy the clothes I sell. I also began to imagine me restocking my boutique every weekend.

I actually took it seriously. So everyday, I consciously covered everything about me with the blood of Jesus. I called money to respond to the blood of Jesus on my life and then come to me.

My readers, it worked for me even better than it worked for Stanley in the movie I watched. The blood of Jesus is my secret but you really have to acknowledge and believe that the blood of Jesus was shed for you to be rich in order for it to work for you as intended by God.

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