Everything was pretty normal for the first two months of the new year. Then in the third month, I began to experience setbacks. My five major clients who pay me 1 million naira yearly due to the nature of their project, began to  pull out for one casual reason or the other. I didn’t see […]


“… The existence of darkness is as a result of light that has refused to shine…. “ This was her only response to me, after I popped the question.   Her response really got me thinking. I was curious to know how that statement actually relates to my question. Well, I finally summoned courage to […]


When Stephanie was about 21 yrs old, she lost everyone in her family. This tragedy happened the day before her convocation.  Her parents and siblings were on their way to the city where her school was located.  It was about a seven hours drive.  Five hours into the journey, they got entangled in a traffic […]


  | Drop Comments | Somehow, I didn’t believe that prayer is effective. It was because, I had a sibling who prayed more and saw less results. I had joined her severally in her prayer sessions. And on those occasions I can testify that I felt really blessed. In fact, I was so assured […]


I was in a desperate need for a job, due to several challenges and family burdens. I had put in applications to several openings but didn’t get any positive response. Well, I kept on trying because I didn’t have any choice. Getting a job as soon as possible was my only way out seeing that […]


  In the month of February, I had a series of challenges and attacks. I was very frustrated. I was falling sick very often. It was from one illness to the other. The doctors were so confused because all my test results showed that nothing was wrong with me. At night, I would hear different […]


I couldn’t  stop laughing.  What I had just seen was just too funny.  How is it possible that something that is yours is sold back to you?  And to crown it all, it was sold to you as though you were been done a favor. This is what happened…  I turned on my pressing iron […]


| Drop Comments | The past five years have been very very interesting for me. But then, I didn’t really feel fulfilled because I had certain expectations and results that I had not seen. As a matter of fact, there was no approach that I didn’t try. But, they never produced any of my expected […]


  Let me tell you a story. you can never lose in the good fight of faith.”       That morning, we all assembled in the sitting room. It was exactly 7am and it was raining cats and dogs. Well, our Dad had to embark on a journey that morning. Suddenly, my younger sister began […]


After searching for a job for many years, I decided to give up the search. On the 5th of January 2013, I received my last NO from a company that I had applied to.   I am a very beautiful, neat and intelligent lady. I graduated with a first class from a highly reputable institution. […]


She is His daughter and He loves her so much. He wants the best for her so had taken His time to carefully and lavishly prepare the best for her. READ THE PREVIOUS STORY: The Picture Within She had a fat bank account that she’d never be able to exhaust, in her entire lifetime. Because […]