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I am a youth corper in Nigeria (at the time I sent this story).

I was posted to Rivers state to serve my country. It was a bit hectic because at that time I was a nursing mother. I just wanted to get done with this phase. I crossed my heart to face the stress and trusted God to make it easy for me. Glory to God, He did make it easy for me.


The lady who was in charge of the local government area I was under happened to be a very very mean person. She treated nursing mothers and pregnant ladies unfairly. She was well known for tormenting youth corpers and making them serve extensions till she is satisfied with dealing with them. In summary she was really wicked. I heard about her but I ignored it because I felt I had no reason to get into her trouble. I felt I had a good character and was also ready to do all she said to the best of my ability.

But I thought wrong. On my first encounter with her, she just began to rain insults on me for no reason. Well, I felt she was in a bad mood that day so I ignored it.

The next time I was at her office so she could sign my monthly clearance, I met her shouting at a young pregnant corper. She threatened to make her serve an extension for coming late that day for vouching ( monthly clearance ). I checked my time and I confirmed that that lady was not in any way late. In fact, she came 3 hours before closing. This heavily pregnant corper knelt down and began to beg her, yet the lady kept cursing her. The next thing I saw was water running down the pregnant corper’s clothes. The woman had turned a bottle of water on her.

The pregnant lady got up from her knees and left in tears feeling very embarrassed before the crowd of other corpers that were there.

I went in and got my own dose of insults though she attended to me.

This began to send a signal to me to do something fast. Wherever I go, I always experience unusual favor but this was an exception.

When I got home, I told my husband about her and he prayed with me. The next time I was at her office for clearance she gave me the highest height of embarrassment. She gave me a query letter and promised me that I was going to serve an extension. She said she’s very powerful and that no one could do anything to her.

Around that time I joined the Oti stories prayer community. Mama (the founder of oti stories) kept teaching us about building our faith and knowing who we are in Christ. She kept teaching us about our authority and made us know that we are always in charge. She taught us to daily confess what we want to see rather that what we see.

The next month I went for clearance as usual. This woman saw me, kept quiet and told me to get out of her office.

If it were before, I would have felt bad but I was too loaded to be humiliated. I kept speaking in tongues outside her office. As I prayed I kept confessing Under my breathe “By the blood of Jesus Your will and emotions are stirred up in my favor. Your heart is opened to me. In Jesus Name. You submit to me and my fear and terror falls on you by the fire of the Holy Ghost”

After about 15 mins she called me by herself to come in so that she could clear me…..

I laughed within me. I smiled as I walked in with boldness. And after she had cleared me she started to rant over again.

I looked into her eyes and told her, “Madam what you are doing is not fair. If I ever offended you please pardon me. Thanks you”

She was shocked. She felt I would chicken out in fear like everyone she intimidates. She was surprised at my sudden boldness and audacity. She told me to get out of her office. I walked out slowly but confidently and as I was about leaving, I heard her say to herself, ” if I don’t deal with this corper, she’d deal with me”

I went home giving thanks to God for giving me the spirit of boldness. It dawned on me that boldness and confidence in who you are in Christ unlocks the anointing and the anointing unlocks the victory.

I knew that I had sent a message to her and that she’d want to reinforce so, I decided to deal with her as she had predicted.

Every night for the next 60 days I had to pass out from or conclude the NYSC program, I woke up and prayed that she gets tormented in her dream and that she’d not be able to sleep. I declared sickness on her that will make her unable to sit on her seat till I have passed out successfully.

As I was praying one of the nights, I had a revelation and it was revealed to me that God had heard the cry of other corpers that she had oppressed and He had empowered me to pray vengeance on her.

I passed out successfully. I heard she was terribly sick. 2 weeks after I had passed out I was led to look for her in her house. I went to her office and inquired for her address. I told her secretary that I had a personal letter to give her.

When I got there, this woman was as good as dead. I leaned towards her bedside and immediately she turned, she recognized me and began to beg me for forgiveness.

I told her that I had forgiven her and that I came to pray for her. She broke down in tears and began to narrate to me. She said that she was a nobody and had climbed up to that position by consulting witch doctors. She said she always got whatever she wants by consulting witch doctors to the point that she became very full of herself. Her ego rose to the point where she felt no one could ever hurt her and that was the reason why she treated everyone badly so that she could be feared, revered and worshipped.

She said she could still remember the last day she saw me at her office and that I was the first corper since her 7 years in office that had spoken to her without fear and with strong boldness. She said my presence terrified her and that out of fear she had vowed to deal with me spiritually and physically but little did she know that I was untouchable.

She said every night she kept seeing me and other corpers flogging her and that she couldn’t sleep. She also said she visited a lot of witch doctors but they kept telling her that she was in a serious trouble and that she had offended a child of the most high God who knows she’s a a child of God and uses her authority as a child of God. She said she had been sick for 2 months and hat doctors said they couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

After she was done with her narration, I prayed for her. I don’t know if she ever recovered but if she did I am sure she learnt her lesson never to mess with God’s children.

Well, She would have dealt with me, if I never had unlocked the victory and if I had covered myself in fear. Be bold and confident in the freedom and power you have in the finished work of Christ Jesus. You are Government. Intimidation and fear is from the devil to stop you from exercising your authority.

Always meditate and rejoice in who u are… READ THE NEXT STORY “Look Away” HERE


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