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My name is Lydia. I am married with just a kid. My baby was about 10 months old when this happened.

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He is a very vibrant and active child. He always looks out for new catchy things to hold and play with. He is so active that one could hardly leave him alone or even stop watching him. Because of this we bought a lot of toys for him but that didn’t cause any significant change. Once he gets aware of the toys he suddenly becomes bored of them and starts to crave for any other object around that appeals to his eyes.

That’s how it was until the end of March last year. On that day I brought in food to the bedroom to eat as usual because I find it more comfortable to eat on the bed . So I placed the tray of food on the bed.

As we were eating my baby who was sitting beside me with a pillow behind him, kept stretching towards the tray of food. I kept moving him away and he kept crawling back. Well, I later understood that he was used to me giving him a spoon to play with whenever I am eating. So I told his father what exactly the baby wanted.

Just after that the water tank filled up and I left the baby and his dad on the bed.

By the time I returned to the room I saw the shock of my life. A knife was shooting out of my baby’s back.

I screamed so loud that my husband who was in the bathroom ran out naked. I didn’t know what to do. I was so confused. Was I going to run or fly to the hospital or ….

My husband rushed the baby and headed to the car. I was shaking all over as we drove quickly to the closest hospital.

By the time we got there we were told that the baby was gone. I and my husband were in deep shock and as I sat beside my baby’s body I finally asked my husband how it happened.

He said that when I left the room to turn off the water pump, the baby kept reaching out for the cutleries. He said he needed to do something on his Facebook profile so he gave the baby the cutleries to play with. Shortly after, he went to the toilet to poo and while there he heard the baby cry. He said the cry was loud and short so he assumed that perhaps the cutlery had dropped.

We don’t know how it actually happened but it seemed as if the baby had dropped the knife in an upright position at the side of his support pillow and may have attempted to stand up by holding the same pillow. It may had been an unsuccessful attempt and then fell right into the knife.

Parents please be extra careful with your babies. May the Lord not allow you experience what we experienced In Jesus Name… Amen

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