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My name is Kate and I am 28 years old. I used to be called the Rise and Fall sister for about 8 years and I want to share with you my story.

When I was in SS2, the entire class felt that we should have a little prayer for our final exams. It was planned for just one day but we ended up doing it for 5 days. Not everyone was serious about it but everyone was present for it.


On the final day, the worship got very intense and before I knew it a strong wind blew me to the floor. I was on the floor with my body vibration seriously as uncontrollably. After a while I felt calm and within me I had a very strong desire to pray more once I get home.

After I was done with my chores, I went into my room and began to worship God and then that same Wind blew on me again. I fell to the floor and began to speak in an unknown language. Before then I had only heard people speak this language on TV during comedy programs especially when the comedian wants to tell a joke on a pastor and I only understood it as a language for pastors.

So I went to a Christian teacher in my school the next day and narrated what had happened to me. There she explained who the HolySpirit to me and told me everything I needed to know about speaking in tongues. It was strange to me because I was born into an Anglican family and as at then such never occurred in my church. She prayed with me and told me that God had a great plan for my life.

I was very hungry for more so by the time I got into the university I looked for a church where the move of the HolySpirit was very active. There I acquired even deeper knowledge and understanding about the HolySpirit but soon after I became a laughing stock at my church.

Every time prayers were going on, I would always fall. Whenever the worship got really intense, I always fell. Each time there was impartation programs, I would always be the first to be brought to the altar and I’d be rolling there speaking in tongues and vibrating. Whenever this happened, the pastors would lay their hands on me and pray for me. Most times they’ll tell the entire church to watch out for an unusual manifestation of the Spirit of God through me after that service but surprisingly nothing happened. I couldn’t preach without been scared, I couldn’t see visions and nothing spectacular really happened in my academics either.


    Soon I began to hear gossips that people were laughing at me. But it wasn’t long before people began to call me to my face “FALL & RISE SISTER”

Anytime I was in church I noticed that an usher would always be assigned to stand by me because they expect that I was going to fall.

When People looked at me, I saw in their look that they wondered what the problem was and when someone was given the mic to preach or pray they’d start by saying “It’s not about falling. You can fall a million times and nothing would happen”. And as they say that they’d look at me and smile.

I couldn’t just understand what their problem was until a very quiet sister walked up to me someday and said “Kate, God wants to use you. Different great ministers have paraded you round the church and lifted our expectations about you but we haven’t seen any manifestation for a reason. Do not mind those people that are laughing at you. It’s because they were initially jealous of what they had heard concerning what God wants to with you but since they didn’t see any results, they have translated their jealousy into mockery. But I have been sent to tell you that God has not forgotten His words concerning you. It’s for a set time and it’s great. The only part you have to play is to PRAY in tongues Continuously and Believe the promises of God just as Abraham did. Let God’s promises be true and what you see be a lie!”

I was very happy that day and after that discussion I did exactly what she had told me. I kept Falling but I never felt intimidated anymore. My assurance grew and I knew that God was preparing for the time.

I finished the university and nothing happened and I was mocked all through but I kept doing my part.

2 years after I graduated, nothing happened until one day in church I cane out to give a testimony and decided to sing first. As I opened my mouth to sing, the power of God filled the church and mighty things began to happen. Healings took place and there were lots of testimonies.

That particular service was televised live round the world and since then it has been from one ministration to another and from one country to another. I don’t struggle and by just climbing the altar things happen.

If God has said it, He HAS DONE IT.

Faith is not believing that He will do it but rather believing that He HAS DONE IT.

Have faith and never doubt. That’s the only requirement for manifestation. God never delays. Your only need to Have FAITH and never doubt. THE END!!! READ THE NEXT STORY “Seer Friend” HERE

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