A Life Transforming Story


Last year, I found my paternal aunt somewhere around my house. So I stopped the car, came down and ran towards her. She didn’t seem to recognize me at first but after a brief introduction she remembered perfectly who I was.

I told her that I was driving home as I pointed at my house. She told me that she had recently moved to my neighborhood and that she was actually walking home too.


So she joined me in my car. Right there in the car, I asked if she could please drop by at my house first and then she agreed.

When she came in, I introduced her to my husband and my kids and then handed her an envelope of 50 thousand naira. It was just a gift and my usual habit whenever I happen to meet my teachers who had taught me in school or any of my advanced relatives

As she held the envelope she began to pray for me and bless me.

One may think that she’d leave that instant. Well, No… she didn’t. She sat even more comfortably and began to say….

“Wow… You see my dear. I used to tell you and your sisters then, that you should keep yourselves and abstain from premarital sex. You see how my advice paid off. You married very early and now you have 2 kids, a good job, a good husband and you are very rich. You see how prosperous you have become. I can still remember that you were the only fervent Christian amidst your siblings. See the pride you have given your parents. Don’t you know it’s because of your faithfulness to God that your parents spent so much in sending you out of the country to further your education? They even treat you better than the rest of your siblings.

I hope you don’t think you are that special anyways. You got all these because, you didn’t act like your mates who drop out of school and sleep around …..”

After she was done speaking, I smiled and thanked her. But then she began to cry… I was so confused, because I didn’t know the reason for her tears. As I wondered if I had said anything wrong, she suddenly began to say….

But why did God treat me this way?

I served God with everything I have. I was selfless to the Lord but he blessed all those my unbelieving friends instead, who usually mock me. They get all they want and ask, from the God that they don’t even know. I am 42 and not still married. Why God? I live from hand to mouth. I was evicted from my former apartment because I couldn’t pay my rent.

I pay my tithe, yet I do not see the face of my salary. In my workplace, they call me a debtor.

…..Since God works for you please I want you to pray for me my dear niece…”

At first, I didn’t know what to do. I was only 24, and my aunt who we knew as a Warrior for The Lord, was asking me to pray for her. I made a silent prayer asking God to speak through me, and then I heard the Lord tell me, to put my smart phone on record. Then, after about 3 minutes I began to speak.

“Aunty, here is the source of your problem. You have been tying down your Victory in Christ Jesus to the extent at which you can please God.

The Lord says:

For every man, I have sent your way you never ever bothered to ask my will concerning them. You felt you knew so much so you went ahead, each time, to assess if they were up to your standard in Christianity. You always saw a fault and wanted a self-visualized Jesus in human form for a husband. But I love you and never gave up sending different men from me to you but you were too Holy (in your own self evaluations) for any of them. I spoke to you. Yes, I did. But you were too busy checking your list, that you couldn’t hear me. I want you to have and enjoy all that my life gives.

I wanted to make you rich but you felt you had to deserve the wealth I give. Did you ever deserve my dying for you in the first place?

There was a particular month that you didn’t pay your tithe, because you gave all you had to someone in need. I was pleased and so I brought a business opportunity to you. You turned it down, because you felt you didn’t deserve any uplift for that month since you didn’t give your tithe.

I yet lavished my love on you. I wanted to make you an employer and stop you from been an employee, but you said owning your business would make you sin and that you’d prefer to work and get paid.

I told you to go into politics, and that I wanted to place you in power, so the world can see my light and how dearly I love my children. But you said, politics is too filthy for you to go into.

I bring people around you. Both great and small, high and low, so you could make friends with them, bless them with the gospel and then enlarge your scope of influence. Yet, you shunned them down. You said you were too Holy to mingle with unbelievers. You said you’d prefer to preach on the streets but never make friends with those you preach to.

My dear, I have lavished my love on you again and again. I give my life to anyone who believes in me, so that they would never die but just change their address from earth to heaven when they sleep their very last. But, that’s not all. My life is glorious and that’s the means by which all the good things in heaven are transferred to you on earth. It’s your right to live well and prosper on earth because, you are a citizen of heaven, where we have every good thing that you cannot even imagine. It is through you that heaven is brought to earth.

But, it’s your choice to either receive them as they are delivered and supplied to you or shut them out of your life.

It was your desire to live for me, but I require that you live by me so that, you’d live my will and not the will that seems right to you”

After I was done speaking.., I suddenly felt very sleepy and then I closed my eyes and opened it. And when I opened my eyes I found out that I had just woken up. Yes it was a dream. My aunt that I had seen in the dream had actually died a year ago. She was a fervent Christian who never got married and had always been poor before she died of a brief illness. I guess she felt it was too hard for God to heal her… maybe…

We can never know more than God. Please never be carried away with your zeal. Live by God and let Him live through you. Thank you

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