A Life Transforming Story


On the 12th of November 2016, my long forgotten son suddenly came home. He left for the big city 5 years ago in search for green pastures after a big fight with his father for been lazy and not measuring up with his mates and other young boys around. My then 26 years old son left home in anger and tears with a promise to return a millionaire.

I was in my shop where I sold, house hold items when I saw this very expensive looking car driving towards my shop. I arranged myself quickly to receive the rich customer as I never knew who exactly it was and didn’t expect it would turn out to be anyone close to me.

The car came very close to my shop, horned twice and then parked. I kept watching and expecting that whoever was in that car would come into my shop and buy a lot of things.

But to my amazement I saw a very fine young man who came down from the car and walked towards me. As he came closer I began to place his face and before I knew it I found myself screaming for joy. “MY SON… MY SON…”.

He prostrated befor me and we both went inside the shop. In fact just as he had promised, he had become a millionaire with good millions in his account. I was overwhelmed with gladness to see my son alive after 5 years of no communication.

I closed the shop and went to the house with him to show him to his father who called him a failure. On getting home, he surprised and wowed us. We thought we had seen it all until he…..  …told us of the surprises he had for us. He had bought for his elder brother who is married with 2 kids a 3 bedroom bungalow, he bought his father and I, 2 expensive Jeeps and a 3 bedroom bungalow. It appeared that he had been in town for a while and had decided to prepare the surprises before showing up. We were all very happy and laughter filled the air.

After about 3 weeks I called him to my room one Sunday evening. There I asked him how he made it and what next he had in mind. He laughed, teased me for a while and then opened up. He said that he made it through “MMM” and that he suffered a lot, doing all manner of jobs, sleeping on the streets till someone introduced him to “MMM”.

He went further to say that he had made 150million naira and that he used 140million to purchase the houses and cars, and have kept 10 million aside for investment.

I asked him what he had in mind to invest in but he said he hadn’t made up his mind yet. He said he was very confused and scared because he doesn’t want to make any mistake that would make him lose all the money. That was when I promised to introduce him to someone that would be of great help.

Early the next morning we were set to go to see the person I spoke to him about. On our way, I briefed him on who the person was and how he was going to be of great help to us.

“Pastor Gilbert is a man of God. He prophesies a lot. He sees both into the past and the future. He has blessed a lot of people and I want us to see him so that he can see into the future and tell you the right business to do that would yield you lasting profit and settle you for life. As a matter of fact he was the one who always assured me that you were fine and prophesied your great return to me.” I said.

My son was glad ….  ….to hear all I said and in no time we were at Pastor Gilbert’s place already. We exchanged greetings and sat down, then we narrated the reason for which we came. 

After listening to us, he stood up and prayed on my son. After that, he told us to call him in 2 weeks time so that he would tell us the business that my son should do. After 2 weeks we called.  But he told us to go see him at his place and that he had something very important to tell us. We went to see him the next morning and there he told us that our case was different and that anything we do will prosper only on one condition. He said we should bring the money intended to start the business so that he could pray on it.

I and my son looked at ourselves and then I quickly said “sir the money is too much to carry here”

and then he replied with a stern voice “then send it into my account or go! You think I need your money? My friend, the problem is not the business the issue here is for the money to be blessed so that whatever  it is used for would prosper greatly”

After a bit of silence, I beckoned on my son to see me outside and then we excused ourselves. Then my son asked me, “ are you sure this man is genuine?”

I said “yes he is” and then he told me he had no problem at all but he wouldn’t send the entire 10 million to him and that he would only send 6 million. And he did just that.

2 weeks later, after waiting and not getting a call from the pastor, we decided to call him. He told us to wait a bit and that he was still praying on the money and that through that money my son would become a billionaire soon. 

2 weeks after again, we didn’t hear from him so we called him again but he said the same thing. He added that he still had some spiritual battles to fight on our behalf and that there was a serious opposition in the spirit realm.

After another 2 weeks we called again. This time we were not ready for any more stories we wanted our money back. When he took the call he told us to send our account details and that he would transfer the cash to us and we did just that. 3 days later we got an alert from him. Lo and behold what we saw was 1 million naira. 

We called him to confirm Incase there was an error some where but to our amazement he never took our calls. It kept ringing for 2 days and not once did he pick the calls. So we were moved to go to his house. On getting there we saw an empty house; no chairs, no furniture, nothing at all. The house was very very empty. From the look of things, it seemed like he had moved away from the house.

On confirming that from a neighbor, we were told that he had moved from that apartment 3 days ago and that no one around knew where he had moved to.

My son laughed out very loud like he had  just listened to a very funny joke. After laughing for about few seconds he opened his mouth and said

“ The fool has forgotten that we can meet him in his church. Big fool… mommy pls show me where his church is located”

 That was the moment I came to my senses. I didn’t know where his church was and as I could remember it was a friend of mine who directed me to his place when I was bothered about the well-being of my son and when he would return. It seemed very strange that a Pastor would dupe someone just like that.

I was so ashamed that I couldn’t look my son in the face. What was he going to do. He just lost 6million naira just like that. Though he was a little glad that he didn’t send the complete money (i.e 10 million naira).

The look on my son’s face almost made me run mad. He got into the car and zoomed off leaving me behind. By the time I managed to get home with public transportation I was told that my son had moved out of the house and that he packed all his belongings and drove away.

Till date, I have not heard from him again.


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